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DCTC, Minnesota Resource Center work together to train technicians

MRC grads

Pictured: DCTC soldering instructor Jeff Duch (left), and six graduates of the Core Manufacturing training program.

There are six new, highly-qualified soldering technicians ready to enter the manufacturing workplace, thanks to a partnership between Dakota County Technical College and Minnesota Resource Center.

MRC’s Core Manufacturing Training program focuses on both technical and interpersonal skills in an effort to fully prepare participants for high-tech production careers. DCTC partners with MRC to provide training and certification in hand soldering, IPC A-610 and IPC J-STD. IPC-certified employees are highly sought after by Twin Cities manufacturers.

DCTC will be offering soldering, A-610 and J-STD courses starting January 8, 2015. Entry-level wages for certified solderers are approximately $13-15/hour. Instructor Jeff Duch helps students develop skills and provides useful guidance during the job search. For more information, call 651-423-8612.

MRC is planning to offer another session of Core Manufacturing in March. for more information, call 612-752-8100.

For more information, contact:
  • Marlo Miller
    Training Coordinator,  Manufacturing and Technology
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  • Hi, Marlo, an industry developed and approved program that includes training, certification, and instructional materials should be based on the IPC standards available to a company. Therefore I found that BEST Inc is a professional solder training company that certifies both instructors as well as technicians in various IPC certification programs like IPC A-610 training, J-STD-001, IPC-7711/7721 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certification to its customers as per its IPC standards.

  • BETTY HUNT says:

    Yes, James I have also got J-STD-001 training from BEST Inc. and have a good experience over there. There way of providing training is best over others.

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