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Accident Avoidance

This hidden treasure is located just behind campus

Driving Track MapDCTC has a 2.8-mile decision driving range that is used by our Continuing Education and Customized Training department. So, did you ever wonder how we use the driving track? Well, we offer many courses that allow drivers to improve their skills and learn techniques needed to be safe drivers. One of the most popular courses is our Accident Avoidance & Safe Driving course. This course, which runs year round, teaches drivers about vehicle dynamics, evasive maneuvering, and vehicle control, while also improving confidence while driving. The course is open to all ages, because let’s face it, it is not only new drivers who can improve their driving skills.

For more information about our Accident Avoidance & Safe Driving course, contact:
  • Jim Unger
    CT Director of Public Safety
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