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DCTC Offers a New Import 101 Course

May 29th, 2013 / Written by mtc / 0 comments

Import 101 Course to be Held July 23rd

In today’s global market, companies must recognize that the United States government and the governments of other countries have laws and regulations which control and impact the import of products into the United States. Compliance with these laws and regulations can be complicated. Understanding those complicities is essential for a company to be successful. Failure to comply may result in significant penalties to a Company such as, monetary losses, adverse publicity, loss of import privileges, delay or seizure of shipments, and in some cases criminal penalties (fines and jail terms). This course will provide participants with an overview of importing, an understanding of flow of the import entry process and ultimately help to lower the liability concerning import transaction.

Register now, online or call 651-423-8279.

For more information, contact:

Kathy Carlson


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