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Demand for conductors rising nationwide

Following story courtesy of KARE 11

“Rosemount college answers demand for train conductors”

Railroad Conductor Training class

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. — As the railroads take a more prominent role in the nation’s economy, the demand for conductors is on the rise.

And Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount is uniquely positioned to answer the call with its conductor training course, providing hands-on experience for people in pursuit of those jobs.

“Just like with driving a car there’s a driving manual. Operating trains there’s an operating manual,” instructor Don Spano told KARE.

“Everything that is done with regards to trains is done under the guidelines of safety procedures and protocol,”

The railroad veteran has been teaching the course since 2005, but classes fill up fast because railroads have a lot of vacancies to fill. And, while the rail lines do their own training, graduates of the DCTC course are on the fast track to employment.

“The railroads see an individual who has demonstrated a willingness to learn, meet the standards for hiring and pay for their own education,” Spano explained. (Read more…)

Railroad Conductor Training class

For more information, contact:
  • Larry Lewis
    Training Coordinator,  Railroad Conductor Program
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  • jeff sando says:

    Im interested in the railroad conductor program. Can you please send me the classs needed for the program and schedual s


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