The Limited Scope X-Ray or Bone Densitometry operator program provides students with the information and strategies necessary to successfully complete their Limited Scope X-Ray or Bone Densitometry Operator Certification examination.

This 6-week on-line program consists of:
  • Radiography physics
  • Principles of radiographic exposure
  • Positioning
  • Digital processing
  • Radiation safety
  • Bone densitometry (for those who request this)

Successful completion will prepare students to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) exam. The examinations offered by ARRT are the gold standard proficiency assessments currently available to professionals in medical imaging, interventional procedures and radiation therapy. Minnesota law requires individuals to pass the core components of this exam before they can become certified and take x-rays.

Work Environment

To be successful as a Limited Scope X-Ray or Bone Densitometry operator, an individual must enjoy working with people in a medical setting such as doctor’s offices, small clinics, chiropractic or pediatric offices. The majority of people who take limited x-rays are medical assistants (CNA), medical lab technicians (MLT) or others that work in a clinic or doctor’s office and are now asked to take x-rays.

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