Class Description

This 48-hour program covers state approved requirements concerning medications and their administration by Certified Nursing Assistants. You must have successfully completed a Minnesota Department of Health approved nursing assistant training program to take this course.  This course is a hybrid of online instruction on D2L and arranged on campus class time for lab.
Topics include legal criteria, medical abbreviations, measurements, use of the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), and overview of body systems and drug classifications.
Oral, eye, ear, rectal and topical routes will be covered.
Instruction also consists of:
(1) the complete procedure of checking the resident’s medication record.
(2) preparation of the medication for administration:
(3) administration of the medication to the resident:
(4) assisting residents with self-administration as necessary:
(5) documentation after administration of the date, time, dosage, and method of administration of all medications, or the reason for not administering the medication as ordered, and the signature of the nurse or authorized person who administered and observed the same:
(6) the type of information regarding medication administration reportable to a nurse.

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