Nursing Assistant Exams

  • National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP)

Examination Eligibility

Nursing Assistant Candidate:

You have successfully completed a state-approved Nursing Assistant training program within the past two years. You must take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) written exam and skills evaluation.

The two parts of the Examination, the Knowledge based Examination and the Skills Evaluation, will be administered on the same day.
You must pass both parts in order to be certified and listed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry.
A Minnesota candidate handbook can be accessed at

The Knowledge based Examination consists of seventy (70) multiple-choice questions in English. An Oral Examination is also an available option. Students must have access to TMU in order to test.

During the Skills Evaluation you will be asked to perform a set of randomly selected skills.
You will be rated on your performance of these skills by an Evaluator based on the Headmasters criteria.

Test-Out Candidate (applies to Nursing Assistant candidates only):

For those who are challenging the CNA exam, you will need to access the Headmaster website and fill out and submit form 1101. The completion and submission is done online, no need to print out. Once that submitted, You will receive an email from Headmaster with your login credentials.

Examples for not meeting the eligibility routes listed above include:

  • Nurse aide or nursing assistant trained in another country
  • Candidate never trained as a nursing assistant
  • Candidate who has not worked as a nursing assistant in the last two years
  • Nursing assistant from another state who does not qualify for reciprocity
  • Student nurse or graduate nurse candidate


Nursing Assistant Exam | $225

Nursing Assistant – Knowledge Retest | $115

Nursing Assistant – Skills Retest | $150

  • Payment of all fees are due at the time of registration. Pre-registration is required.
  • Registration must be completed and full payment made by the end of business on the day prior to the examination.
  • Registration and/or payment will not be accepted via mail or on the morning of the examination.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds and exam rescheduling must be communicated by e-mail or in person no later than three business days prior to the date of the examination. Refunds will not be issued after that date.

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