Nursing Assistant Exams

Examination Eligibility: You are eligible to apply to take the Minnesota Nursing Assistant state competency exam for certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Minnesota if  you have completed a state-approved nursing assistant training  program within the past 24 months. You will be required to take the both the Knowledge exam and the Skills exam.

Criteria to Waive the Nursing Assistant Training Requirement: You have previously completed a state-approved nursing assistant training program, have taken and passed the Nursing Assistant Competency Exam (both the Knowledge and Skills exams), and are on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry with an expired registry status. You will be required to take the both the Knowledge exam and the Skills exam.  You will be considered a test-out candidate or challenge candidate.


You are a candidate who does not meet either of the eligibility routes listed above. You will be required to take the both the Knowledge exam and the Skills exam as a test-out candidate or challenge candidate.

Examples are:

  •  If you trained in another country.
  • If you have not taken a nursing assistant training program.
  •  If you have not worked as a nurse aide in the last 24 months.

TEST OUT/CHALLENGE CANDIDATES: Test out/challenge candidates MUST contact Meriem Aman at at least 3 days prior your exam date to complete the Challenge Form

Testing Information:

You must pass both parts in order to be certified and listed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry.
A Minnesota candidate handbook can be accessed at

The Knowledge based Examination consists of seventy (70) multiple-choice questions in English. An Oral Examination is also an available option that students are responsible for enabling on their TMU profile.  Please contact Headmaster at: 1-888-401-0462 with questions.

Students must have access to TMU in order to test.

During the Skills Evaluation you will be asked to perform a set of randomly selected skills.
You will be rated on your performance of these skills by an Evaluator based on the Headmasters criteria.

ADA/disability accommodation requests for the NA registry test must be submitted with the required documentation and approved by the test vendor Headmaster at least 14 days in advance of your test date.  For ADA questions related to NA testing, please contact Headmaster at 888-401-0462


  • Payment of all fees are due at the time of registration. Pre-registration is required.

Testing FAQ:

  • You do not need to take the Knowledge and Skills tests on the same day.
  • ADA accommodation requests must be submitted with required documentation and approved at least 14 days advance of your test date. Refer to the candidate handbook.
  • The testing site and testing teams are not responsible for your personal belongings.
  • If you fail a test, you will need to register for a new test date and pay again.
  • If you are late, do not bring the required mandatory ID, or are otherwise unprepared, you will not be allowed to test and will be considered a no-show. No-shows forfeit their testing fees and must register and pay again for another test date.
  • You must provide one form of ID that meets the following mandatory requirements: US GOVERNMENT-ISSUED, NON-EXPIRED, SIGNED, PHOTO-BEARING ID. Refer to the candidate handbook for examples and exceptions.
  • If you are unable to access your TMU account, go to, click Forgot Password and enter your Email. If you need further assistance, please call Headmaster at 888-401-0462.

Preparing for the Test:

Cancellation Policy:

Refunds and exam rescheduling must be communicated by e-mail or in person no later than three business days prior to the date of the examination. Refunds will not be issued after that date.

Do not remove yourself from the test event in TMU. You must contact Meriem Aman in order to cancel your registration and get a refund, if applicable.  Meriem Aman can be reached via email at:

If you are late,  do not bring required mandatory ID and/or do not have the proper testing attire, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TEST AND YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED A “NO-SHOW”. No-shows forfeit their testing fees and must repay to re-register for another test date.

For testing questions, please contact:

Meriem Aman


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