Occupational Spanish training is often the best way to get started in Spanish communication.  This is a practical and cost-effective way to begin cutting through the language barrier in your specific field. Occupational Spanish training is designed to produce tangible results – improve communication, teamwork, efficiency, customer service, and productivity in your organization by learning key terms and expressions that help you communicate with Spanish-speakers. You don’t have to learn the whole language to ask a basic question, greet a customer, talk with a patient, or issue job commands. It’s these brief conversations that are important and relatively easy, because simple terms and phrases do not require knowledge of grammar, verb conjugations or complicated language rules.

No prior Spanish experience is necessary.


Occupational Spanish Courses can be delivered at your work site. The curriculum can be customized to your own organizational needs. The course is typically 12 hours over 6 weeks.

The Benefits For

  • Business Managers and Supervisors
  • Connect and communicate with Spanish-speaking employees to improve understanding, operations and productivity.
  • Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders
  • Communicate with Spanish speakers using short, simple communication, asking brief questions and giving easy to understand directions or commands.
  • For Realtors
  • Directly communicate with Spanish-speaking customers. The Hispanic community is the fastest growing market segment in the real estate market.
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Connect and communicate with Spanish-speaking patients and process medical transactions efficiently and effectively.
  • Teachers and Administrators
  • Communicate more effectively, on a basic level, with Spanish speaking students and parents.

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