Our driving track, combined with expert instructors, offers a unique learning opportunity for anyone who operates a motorized vehicle.



Continuing Education and Customized Training Transportation Program has been a leader in training for over 20 years, producing safe, competent and employable operators in a efficient manner. We continually strive to bring up-to-date and innovative training programs to address the current and future needs of the various agencies and corporations that we serve.

Many of our standard course offerings can be adapted to meet your requirements or we can design and develop a new course just for your agency. If the posted dates and times do not meet your needs, please call and we will customize a schedule just for you.

Our training programs provide:

  • Customized courses for any agency or unit’s specific needs
  • Flexible scheduling, and group training available
  • Classroom discussions
  • Practical experience with hands-on learning opportunities
  • Scenario-based training exercises
  • Industry expert instructors
  • Many general, advanced and topic specific courses

Program Leads

Jim Unger

Transportation and Public Safety Rep

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Julie DuBois

Public Safety Administrative Assistant

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Chris Hinrichs

Chris Hinrichs

Customized Sales Representative Class A Commercial Driver Academy

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Transportation & Safety Programs

Accident Avoidance & Safe Driving

This course is great for all ages, including the seasoned driver, newly licensed drivers, safety-conscious parents and drivers seeking to improve their skills in accident avoidance. Some insurance companies will offer a premium reduction for completion of this course. You must have a valid driver’s license and use your own vehicle in order to attend this course.

Develop your skills in:
  • Evasive maneuvering and accident avoidance
  • Hydroplaning and vehicle control
  • Wet skid pad braking
  • Vehicle dynamics and individual reaction time
  • Panic, threshold, and control braking
  • Serpentine driving
  • Backing and parallel parking techniques

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DCTC Accident Avoidance Video

Class A Commercial Driver Academy

This 6-week course provides Class A CDL (automatic transmission) training that will prepare participants to pass the Class A CDL driving test and meets all aspects of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Regulations.

It is designed for those seeking employment as a Class A Commercial Driver.

This training includes: Basic Operation, Safe Operating Procedures, Advanced Operating Procedures, Vehicle Systems, Reporting Malfunctions, and Non Driving Activities.

Visit our website for more information on the Class A CDL Training Commercial Driver Academy.

Prerequisites before starting class:

  • Class A CDL permit – to obtain your permit you must take a general knowledge, airbrake, and combination written exams, which includes questions from the Minnesota Commercial Driver’s Manual. To find a testing location, view Minnesota Driver & Vehicle office locations. After you pass all of the tests, you may apply to receive your permit. You must have a Class A CDL permit or license before you can begin driving.
  • DOT physical
  • Pre-employment DOT drug screen – contact your doctor or clinic to see if they provide DOT physicals or drug screens or contact Twin Cities Occupational Health & Rehabilitation in Mendota Heights and call to schedule an appointment. (Commercial Driver Academy students receive a discount).
  • Clean Driving Record – You must fill out and complete the attached Vehicle Use Agreement. This form is important because it looks at your driving record to make sure you are eligible to drive state vehicles. Here is the form: Vehicle Use Agreement– an official with the Commercial Driver Academy will also need to sign it before we can submit it to the state for approval.

Other Program Considerations with the Commercial Driver Academy:

  • Scheduled license exam and driving test with a Commercial Driver Academy vehicle and professional instructor – One on One instruction!
  • Cost – $5,995, includes up to two tests at the License Exam Station (no financial aid available)
  • Additional fees to obtain license or permit (payable at the License Exam Station on the day of testing), DOT physical and a PRE EMPLOYMENT drug test
  • $300, if a third test is necessary (a maximum of 3 tests may be taken)

Contact Chris Hinrichs before registering at: chris.hinrichs@dctc.edu or 651-423-8238

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Corporate Truck Driver Training

Dakota County Technical College (DCTC) has been training truck drivers for over 35 years. This is a nationally recognized program that adheres to the highest standards of quality. DCTC also has the capability to custom-design Truck Driver Training programs for companies with warehouse or loading dock workers who wish to advance to become your next driver. These Dock-to-Driver training programs can be offered at your facility with your equipment or ours. This program is not available to individuals.

Class  A and B  Commercial Truck Driver Training is available for groups up to 3 students.


Contact one of the representatives above for registration information.

Defensive Driving

  • School Bus and Motor Coach Driver Training
  • Snow Plow Driver Training
  • Utility Truck Driver Training
  • Emergency Response Driving
  • Fire Truck and Ambulance Driver Training

These six-hour courses are not intended to teach participants to drive their specific vehicles, but rather how to drive them in defensive mode with the correct principles and techniques needed to be safe and skilled vehicle operators. Drivers need to be able to operate their vehicle under a number of variables, including: weather conditions, condition of the vehicle, driver fitness, the interaction with other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We provide techniques to improve driving skills, and teach how to use good judgment and heighten awareness while operating your vehicle. This training will help you adapt to the ever-changing situations that drivers face. The techniques presented are based on scientific principles and the laws of physics. By applying the proper driving techniques, you are a better representative of your department or company and enhance the image of all commercial operators.

All participants are requires to provide their own vehicle.

Classroom Instruction (2 hours):

  • Legal aspects and driver responsibilities
  • Department or company standard operating procedures
  • Concepts of accident avoidance
  • Defensive driving techniques

Practical Driving Exercises (4 hours conducted on a 2.8 mile driving track):

  • Acceleration
  • Braking and steering techniques
  • Lane positioning
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Backing

DCTC Emergency Response Defensive Driving Video


Contact one of the representatives above for registration information.

Law Enforcement Driver Training

The Law Enforcement Training Program offers learning opportunities for various levels and assignments of law enforcement personnel. Courses are approved for peace officer continuing education credits. Training courses for officers and other personnel are held at Dakota County Technical College in the Public Safety Training Center or can be brought to your location

Pursuit Refresher Course

This course includes the Peace Officer Standards and Training required lecture and legal liabilities information, followed by student participation in driving range exercises and skill refresher and development. On course driving exercises, including mock pursuit scenarios, provide opportunities for situational analysis, management and decision-making for the line officer and supervisory personnel. The course is completed with a qualification exercise involving a P-2 emergency-response obstacle course which the officer must successfully navigate.

Basic PIT/TVI Course

This course is designed to teach the officer in the techniques of PIT (Pursuit Immobilization Technique) and TVI (Tactical Vehicle Intercept) and the various forces and operational factors concerning the use and application of the PIT technique and how to forcefully stop, redirect or remove a vehicle in motion from its path or course of travel during the operation of a motor vehicle during pursuit and highway and emergency response performance activities.

The second portion of the training course expands the program to include the application of the TVI techniques to those vehicles that have been forced or removed from their path or course of travel by the PIT technique and to safely terminate the motion or progress of the vehicle, to end the pursuit. The student will learn the TVI technique and the various forces and operational factors concerning the use and application of the technique and how to forcefully stop, immobilize and pin a motor vehicle from further movement or motion during pursuit and highway and emergency response performance activities.

Pursuit & PIT/TVI Refresher Course

This course provides both areas of training for those agencies and officers who need to have the POST-mandated pursuit refresher training requirements met for their POST license or need to have recertification in the areas of PIT/TVI pursuit tactics. This course will utilize force-on-force and scenario-based training exercises to fulfill the POST pursuit and emergency-response refresher training requirements.

Less Than Pursuit Course

This course is geared towards non-sworn personnel who will be driving marked units, such as police reserves/explorers, community service officers, water patrol and others. This course will focus on liability, vehicle dynamics, emergency response (if permitted) and emergency lighting. The driving portion will focus on skill development in the areas of braking and steering, evasive maneuvers, backing, cornering and skid pad exercises. Vehicle dynamics will be stressed on the driving range.

Training Center Map

Download Public Safety Training Center Map


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Motorcycle Safety

If you are 18 or older and you want to obtain your motorcycle endorsement, you must have a motorcycle permit prior to attending the course. Wisconsin residents do NOT need a permit to earn their endorsement. After you have successfully completed the Basic Rider course you will be issued a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) completion card.

Dakota County Technical College has partnered with the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC), Driver and Vehicle Service (a division of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety), Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and community and Corporate sponsors to provide one of the most comprehensive safety programs in the world. MMSC and DCTC are committed to reducing motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

Motorcycle courses offered:

  • Basic Rider Course | 14.5 hours
  • Intermediate Rider Course | 5 hours
  • Road Guard Course | 3 hours
  • Motorcycle Refresher Course | 3 hours

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Cancellation Policy

Due to the vast number of registrations for these courses, you will be allowed to reschedule your course date once without forfeiting your tuition. To cancel or reschedule a course, you must call 651-423-8027 five days prior to class. There will be no refunds for late cancellations or “No Shows.”

MN Commercial Vehicle Inspection Courses

Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Certification

This eight-hour training provided in this course will prepare individuals to become a Certified Vehicle Inspector on trucks weighing 26,001 lbs. or more GVW inspected, and other vehicles required to have annual safety inspections. Minnesota state decal is valid proof of inspection in all other states.

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Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Re-Certification

This six-hour training will prepare individuals to obtain their Vehicle Inspector Re-Certification. All Minnesota Commercial Vehicle Inspectors must be re-certified every two years if they wish to continue as certified inspectors.

You cannot attend the re-certification class if:

  • Your certification has been expired for more than six months
  • If your certification is under revocation
  • If you attended and failed the re-certification course (in this case, you must retake the full certification course)

Contact Information

Julie DuBois, Administrative Assistant    651-423-8689  |  651-423-8690 (fax)

“This program was great! It covered every important aspect of transportation and safety and made me a better employee. It also gave me a better career and better way to take care of my family.” Jason B.

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