Defensive Driving

  • School Bus and Motor Coach Driver Training
  • Snow Plow Driver Training
  • Utility Truck Driver Training
  • Emergency Response Driving
  • Fire Truck and Ambulance Driver Training

These six-hour courses are not intended to teach participants to drive their specific vehicles, but rather how to drive them in defensive mode with the correct principles and techniques needed to be safe and skilled vehicle operators. Drivers need to be able to operate their vehicle under a number of variables, including: weather conditions, condition of the vehicle, driver fitness, the interaction with other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. We provide techniques to improve driving skills, and teach how to use good judgment and heighten awareness while operating your vehicle. This training will help you adapt to the ever-changing situations that drivers face. The techniques presented are based on scientific principles and the laws of physics. By applying the proper driving techniques, you are a better representative of your department or company and enhance the image of all commercial operators.

All participants are requires to provide their own vehicle.

Classroom Instruction (2 hours):

  • Legal aspects and driver responsibilities
  • Department or company standard operating procedures
  • Concepts of accident avoidance
  • Defensive driving techniques

Practical Driving Exercises (4 hours conducted on a 2.8 mile driving track):

  • Acceleration
  • Braking and steering techniques
  • Lane positioning
  • Evasive maneuvers
  • Backing

DCTC Emergency Response Defensive Driving Video


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