The Law Enforcement Training Program offers learning opportunities for various levels and assignments of law enforcement personnel. Courses are approved for peace officer continuing education credits. Training courses for officers and other personnel are held at Dakota County Technical College in the Public Safety Training Center or can be brought to your location

Pursuit Refresher Course

This course includes the Peace Officer Standards and Training required lecture and legal liabilities information, followed by student participation in driving range exercises and skill refresher and development. On course driving exercises, including mock pursuit scenarios, provide opportunities for situational analysis, management and decision-making for the line officer and supervisory personnel. The course is completed with a qualification exercise involving a P-2 emergency-response obstacle course which the officer must successfully navigate.

Basic PIT/TVI Course

This course is designed to teach the officer in the techniques of PIT (Pursuit Immobilization Technique) and TVI (Tactical Vehicle Intercept) and the various forces and operational factors concerning the use and application of the PIT technique and how to forcefully stop, redirect or remove a vehicle in motion from its path or course of travel during the operation of a motor vehicle during pursuit and highway and emergency response performance activities.

The second portion of the training course expands the program to include the application of the TVI techniques to those vehicles that have been forced or removed from their path or course of travel by the PIT technique and to safely terminate the motion or progress of the vehicle, to end the pursuit. The student will learn the TVI technique and the various forces and operational factors concerning the use and application of the technique and how to forcefully stop, immobilize and pin a motor vehicle from further movement or motion during pursuit and highway and emergency response performance activities.

Pursuit & PIT/TVI Refresher Course

This course provides both areas of training for those agencies and officers who need to have the POST-mandated pursuit refresher training requirements met for their POST license or need to have recertification in the areas of PIT/TVI pursuit tactics. This course will utilize force-on-force and scenario-based training exercises to fulfill the POST pursuit and emergency-response refresher training requirements.

Less Than Pursuit Course

This course is geared towards non-sworn personnel who will be driving marked units, such as police reserves/explorers, community service officers, water patrol and others. This course will focus on liability, vehicle dynamics, emergency response (if permitted) and emergency lighting. The driving portion will focus on skill development in the areas of braking and steering, evasive maneuvers, backing, cornering and skid pad exercises. Vehicle dynamics will be stressed on the driving range.

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