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Siemens promotes apprenticeships to train skilled workers

September 8th, 2014 / Written by Scott Glime / 0 comments

Apprenticeships are proven to work. Why don’t we use them? Siemens has sponsored an outstanding article on The Atlantic, outlining the benefits of apprenticeship programs. According to the article: Around the world, especially in Europe, apprenticeships are a mainstream, practical alternative to the four-year college track that still dominates the traditional American career path—even when… (Read More ⇢)

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Closing skills gap is a business priority

November 7th, 2012 / Written by mtc / 0 comments

Star Tribune Editorial Minnesota’s May jobless rate stood at about 5.6 percent, according to state figures. Yet manufacturing employers report that they have unfilled positions because of a lack of qualified applicants. What’s wrong with this picture? And what can be done to match more of the unemployed with those available jobs? Two colleges in… (Read More ⇢)

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